Here at Beverly Grove Vision Care we listen to your eye and vision concerns, we care, and we treat in the best way to achieve your visual needs. We offer comprehensive and high quality eye exams for the whole family, and are especially kid friendly! We aim to create a warm and compassionate office, where you can feel welcome to stop in, get your eyes checked, and get some of the latest contact lenses and trendy glasses around. In addition to general eye exams and contact lens fittings, our doctor treats binocular vision issues, does Vision Therapy, treats dry eyes, glaucoma, ocular disease, and pre-and post surgical patients. Come in and see us today – your eyes deserve it!

Our Doctor

Dr. Danielle Roth

Dr. Danielle Roth


Dr. Roth is as local as they come. Born and raised in the beautiful Beverly Grove neighborhood, she attended Hancock Park Elementary School, and then the Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies, graduating from both at the top of her class. She continued on to UCLA (Go Bruins!), and three and a half years later graduated with honors.

Dr. Roth worked in an Ophthalmology office during high school, and it is there that she first developed an interest in the field of eyes and helping people with vision problems. While completing her Bachelors Degree, Dr. Roth volunteered at the UCLA Hospital and worked in the Jules Stein Eye Institute, researching Dry Eye Disease.

After graduating from UCLA, she was accepted to Marshall B. Ketchum University to study Optometry, and became an active member of the Honors Program, and a student member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, as well as accepting the position of the Liaison for the Cornea and Contact Lens Section of the American Optometric Association. After receiving her Doctorate of Optometry from the Southern California College of Optometry at MBKU, Dr. Roth returned to her home in L.A. for her externships at West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital and the neighboring Cedars Sinai. Her primary care vision experience continued in Vision Centers in Los Angeles under the guidance of doctors and surgeons well known in the field – giving her exceptional experience working with adults and children.

Dr Roth is well versed in contact lens fitting, vision therapy, treating binocular vision issues, glaucoma, ocular diseases, and pre and post-surgical care.

During the last few years Dr. Roth has also expanded her knowledge in pediatric and adult vision therapy, focusing closely on team work with occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, educational therapists, teachers, parents, etc. in order to help people with visual perceptual issues, sports vision, as well as brain injury rehabilitation.

Dr. Roth also finds time for volunteer work, serves as a Board Member on the Community Service and Education sections of the Los Angeles County Optometric Society (LACOS), and is a member of the California and American Optometric Associations, as well as the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

She loves going to museums and can often be seen at the neighboring LACMA. Dr. Roth also bakes, paints, roots for UCLA, and plays with her adorable rescue pup, Oliver.

So whether you need a new contact lens prescription, are thinking of replacing your old glasses with a cool new pair, need to diagnose or treat a possible problem with your eye, treat amblyopia, strabismus, or think you or your child could use vision therapy, please stop by our friendly local office. Dr. Roth is happy to see you!

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