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Primary Eye Care

We provide comprehensive eye examinations for people of all ages! An annual eye exam is recommended once a year just like a physical – to see if there have been any changes in your vision or in your eye health. Avoid potentially dangerous eye and systemic health conditions by having a preventative health eye exam yearly!

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Feel a change in your vision or just want to update to some new stylish frames? Come in for an eye exam and we can do that for you! Tired of glasses and want to try contact lenses, or just need to get some new contact lenses? We would be happy to help with that as well!


We have a beautiful optical with hundreds of frames for you to choose from. Whether it’s sleek and stylish or trendy and a little bit quirky – we can find the frame for you! Glasses are so in right now – come have a look!

Vision Therapy

Many people – both kids and adults – struggle with visual issues and they don’t even know about it. Do you ever feel strain around your eyes after reading for a long time? Have you recently had a concussion or brain injury? Is your child smart but taking a long time to complete reading assignments or not doing well in school, or has difficulty with some sports such as baseball or tennis? You or your child might not be fulfilling their full potential because of an underlying vision issue. Come in today and ask about our vision perception evaluations and vision therapy.

Eye Diseases/Dry Eyes/Red Eyes

Not sure why your eyes are irritated? Wake up with a red eye? Feel like something is in your eye? Someone in your family have glaucoma or another eye disease and you want to know if you will develop that? Diabetic and want to see if your eyes are affected?

We are happy to see you for all of these different eye conditions. Dr. Roth loves providing patients with information and answering all their questions. She is happy to diagnose and treat your eye conditions with the most up to date treatment and medications.

Surgery Co-Management

If you are interested in LASIK or in need of Cataract surgery, Dr. Roth is happy to work with you and the best surgeons in LA to answer all of your questions and evaluate whether you are a good candidate for your surgery.

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