Comprehensive Eye Examination

A comprehensive eye exam includes a refraction – which provides a prescription for your eyeglasses, as well as a thorough evaluation of the health of your eyes. Annual eye exams are a crucial part of preventative healthcare. Lots of eye and vision issues may not have obvious signs or symptoms. Only an eye exam by your optometrist can help in early diagnosis and treatment of eye and vision problems.

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What takes place during my comprehensive eye exam?

We will check and evaluate every component of your vision. Dr. Roth will use up to date medical technology and knowledge to diagnose, treat, and give recommendations for all eye conditions found. We will provide you with a glasses prescription. The doctor is happy to spend as much time as needed to perform a thorough eye examination and answer all of your eye health questions. For your convenience, we also have an eyewear boutique so you can get the perfect new glasses and contact lenses.


What is a dilated eye exam?

Dilation is an important part of a comprehensive eye exam. The dilation allows the doctor to get a more thorough look inside your eyes. Special drops are placed in the eye to widen the pupils. Once the eyes are dilated, the doctor can evaluate the health of the tissue in the back of your eye. The drops used may cause sensitivity to light, and blurred vision at near for several hours. A dilation is not always required, and the doctor will consult with you before deciding whether to dilate your eyes.


My child is 4 years old and has never had an eye exam, should I bring them in?

Yes! Dr. Roth starts seeing kids as young as 3 years old. 80% of learning takes place through the eyes, which means that if your child is having difficulty seeing clearly, his or her development and learning can be impacted.


My kid had a vision screening by the school nurse/their pediatrician. Do they still need an eye exam with an eye doctor?

Yes! Although vision screenings are great to detect initial visual acuity problems, that is not all that makes up how your child sees the world! Vision screenings are meant to detect problems in individuals with obvious and apparent vision problems. Only a comprehensive eye exam in your optometrist’s office can ensure that your child’s vision is as clear and comfortable as possible and free of serious eye diseases and behavioral and developmental vision problems.


Can you tell me more about a Visual Perceptual Evaluation? Is that included in a comprehensive eye examination?

A visual perceptual evaluation is an additional evaluation that is performed by our developmental optometrist if she believes there are underlying visual functional and processing issues that may be contributing to your symptoms.

 Please click for more information on visual perception testing.


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