Take our self assessment. Find out if you or your child may benefit from vision therapy

Please note that this is a self assessment and does not substitute a professional in-office evaluation at Beverly Grove Vision Care Optometry. This quiz does not provide medical advice, and is only for informational purposes.

Is this assessment for an adult or a child?

1. Do you get headaches or eyestrain with any near work/computer/devices?

2. Do you ever see double?

3. Do you get sleepy while reading/have words blur on the page/ have to use your finger as a guide?

4. Do you find that you are clumsy, have issues with understanding directions, or have difficulty in sports such as baseball or tennis?

5. Do you have trouble with reading comprehension or remembering what you have read or seen?

6. Do you have difficulty with/not enjoy 3-D movies?

7. Do you have a short attention span for near work?

8. Do you have trouble lining up columns of numbers or you notice you write up or downhill?

9. Do you close one eye when reading?

10. Have you ever had a TBI (traumatic brain injury) such as a concussion or stroke?

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